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Writing Challenge – Day 3

Day 3 – In Transit

The void of being in-between jobs is a curious one. Newfound liberties give way to unbridled creative expression, along with a throng deep-seated insecurities that frequently rattle the depths of my waking countenance. The pressing need to make a return to conventional society, to have a steady income trickle into my coffers once more. It’s kept me awake for more nights than I care to admit. I’m so tired of it all.


Writing Challenge – Day 3

Day 3 – Big Day Ahead

There’s an upcoming cross-country trip for me, and every so often, the simplest of things will get me excited for it. Stealing glances at the suitcase in the corner of my closet, nodding at the tickets taped to the fridge, receiving Facebook chat alerts and willing myself not to click them just to savor the thrill of unlocking them for as long as I can. The list goes on.

Seeing the faces of new friends, old friends who have become an extended family, and like any family, we can support each other through the ups and downs of life. Because I live further than most, it isn’t often that I can make the trip out there, but the privilege of seeing them even once a year – just being able to enjoy each other’s company, to talk face-to-face, and to hug them a little tighter when we say goodbye… well, I consider myself blessed. And I can’t wait to remind them.

Writing Challenge – Day 2

Day 2 – Found

I can’t imagine a better feeling than recovering something you’ve lost, especially if it’s something as exceptionally mundane as your wallet or car keys. In those moments, you’re truly missing what you had (as you frantically frisk the couch cushions for the fifth time), and once it’s back in your palm, you vow never to misplace it again… despite the fact that you’re back to scrounging around on your hands and knees about a week later.

On other occasions, however, you find that once you’ve found something, it takes some big moment of self-realization that our lives have had an impact by its presence. Be it something that’s recovered or uncovered, old or new, our lives are constantly evolving as we navigate the path of self-improvement, and that’s a brilliant feat in and of itself.

Now, if only I could find those damn car keys.

Feminist Friday: How Valuable is the Bechdel Test?

Victim to Charm

Think about the last movie you saw. Were there two or more female characters? Did they talk to each other about something besides men?

The Bechdel test, created by Alison Bechdel, examines female roles in movies by asking three questions:

  • Are there two or more women in the film?
  • Do they talk to each other?
  • Is their conversation about something other than a man?

alison bechdel, dykes to watch out for From Alison Bechdel’s comic strip “Dykes to Watch Out For” (1985).

The test seems simple—women talk to each other about things besides men all the time in real life—yet a surprisingly high number of movies fail to represent this basic activity.

5540832_origThe test is so basic because it’s a standard that should be easy to pass. The fact that so many movies fail to achieve one, two, or all three of the test’s clauses highlights the rampant misogyny of the film industry. If a movie can’t…

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Writing Challenge – Day 1

Day 1 – Lost


I often don’t think much of my place in the world. Life’s always been a daily grind, a series of routines set in stone. Once I’m home from work, I opt out of taking a cerebral challenge in favor of entertaining myself with almost nothing. Now that I’ve more time to myself, I can reflect on my personal status, and I have to stop and ask myself… how long has my creative side been dormant, and how can I recover it? To resuscitate the flames of what once was lost?

Being here, this is step one.

Welcome To My Parlor

 … said the spider to the fly


I am but a humble twenty-something Canadian gal attempting to make a niche in this crazy mixed-up electronic world. Fueled by a passion for the craft uncovered in high school and rekindled in recent times, I shall strive for improvement and aspire to great connectivity and positive feedback.

Welcome, all. Grab a drink and put your feet up. We’re all in this together.